Our Hoopathon Programme
(A full list of forthcoming Hoopathons can be found at the foot of this page)
A big welcome from ‘Hula Girl' Amanda Moore
Hello hoopers!
Thank you for your interest in our Hoopathon programme.
I came up with the idea of staging hoopathons when I thought how much fun it would be to get lots and lots of people all hooping together en-masse and, in the process, raising lots and lots of money for really worthy causes.
The sight of so many people hooping together in a party-like atmosphere will surely inspire others to want to hoop too.
And when they do - because hooping is such a brilliant form of exercise - they will be setting themselves on the road to improving their own health, fitness and well-being. And that has got to be a wonderful legacy for us all to pass on to others.
So I really hope I see you at one or more of our hoopathons.
I also hope that the information below answers any questions you may have.
I look forward to hooping with you soon.
With very best regards
What is a Hoopathon?
Our hoopathons can hold up to 1,200 participants, all hooping together, all having fun and, collectively, raising huge amounts of money for charity. Each hoopathon is in aid of one specific charity. The hoopathons are all going to take place on Sunday afternoons and the hooping bit will last 125 minutes (2 hours 5 minutes). You don't have to hoop for all that time – just as long as you can; the longer you manage to keep hooping, however, the more money you will raise for the charity. (The longer you hoop, the better your abs will become too!) Whilst you are hooping, music will be coming from the stage to really give the event a carnival atmosphere. We will provide you with your own hoop when you turn up at the hoopathon and that hoop is yours to keep after the event. We will also provide you with a 250ml bottle of water to quench your thirst as you hoop; feel free to bring your own supplies too if you feel one bottle is not enough. During the hoopathon, event assistants and stewards will be on hand to sort out any concerns you may have; there will also be first aid professionals on site and toilet facilities nearby.
The hoopathon is timed to last 125 minutes (or 25 x five minute segments). We therefore suggest you ask your sponsors to sponsor you for every five minutes you are able to hoop. That way, calculating the money owed is easy: amount per five minutes x the number of 5 minutes hooped. We also ask you to get all your tax-paying sponsors to sign up for gift aid so that the charity can claim an extra 25p from HMRC for every gift-aided pound raised.
With 1,200 participants, if each participant had 20 sponsors, if the average sponsorship amounted to 75p per five minutes hooped, and if every participant managed to hoop for an average of 75 minutes (1 hour 15 minutes), the amount raised for the charity would equal £270,000 plus gift aid. Now isn't that worth hooping for?


When are the Hoopathons?
A link to our forthcoming hoopathons can be found at the end of this FAQ section.
But I can't hoop!
Don't worry. We've thought of that. That's why we've organised a special training session and practice period on the day of each event. Tuition will be by Hula Girl herself – Amanda Moore – one of the world's leading hoop instructors. She will be on the stage, shaking her body, working her hoops and getting you to do the same. She will have some assistants with her of course. And, just so you know, even with well over 10,000 teaching sessions to her credit, she has never yet had a failure when it comes to teaching people how to hoop.
If you want to practice before the event, get yourself a hoop and have a look at this free tutorial or sign up for our online course of lessons - at only £9.99 it has to be the best value in hooping.
So what can I expect on the day?
Gates open for participants at 12pm and you can check-in at the special marquee after then. The hoop tutorial session will commence at approximately 1pm and last approximately 40 minutes. The hoopathon will commence at approximately 2pm with introductions and a warm up; actual hooping will commence at approximately 2.30pm. The hoopathon will run until approximately 4.35pm.
So how do I enter?
Entry costs just £12.99 and includes a hoop, water and all the on-site facilities on the day. Simply select the hoopathon you wish to enter from those outlined below, follow the link, complete the online application form, pay the entry fee and you're in! You will need to confirm your medical fitness to take part and give your informed consent; these forms can be completed online as part of the application process. Terms and conditions do apply so please make sure you read them.
We look forward to hooping with you soon.
Hoopathon Programme:
  • Refuge Hoopathon ~ 2014 ~ date and venue tbc
  • Dreams Come True Hoopathon ~ 2014 ~ date and venue tbc
  • LACES Hoopathon ~ 2014 ~ London; date and venue tbc